6:30–8:30pm, Friday, Ballroom 6E, Level 6

The Celebration of Surgical Success Reception is always a highlight of the ACVS Surgery Summit! Score one of the numerous highly sought-after door prizes. The tantalizing silent auction will have you in a competition to outbid your colleagues. Others have already donated enticing auction items, and you can too! Donate cash of $50 or more, and your complimentary drink ticket will await your arrival.

During the Celebration of Surgical Success Reception, place your bid on crowd-pleasing silent auction items including:

  • Vacation Accommodations
  • Electronics
  • Spirits
  • Books
  • CE and Meetings
  • Art

Silent auction items will be on display Thursday and Friday for your bidding pleasure. Donate an item to the Celebration of Surgical Success.

    The ACVS Foundation will award must-have door prizes throughout the reception. Each registered attendee will receive one door prize ticket in their registration packet. Just drop the ticket into the box representing the item you would like to win. You or your designee must be present to win.

Presented by the  

The unforgettable excitement will continue as you gather with your friends and capture the crazy Photo Booth fun. 

Photo Booth is generously sponsored by MedVet Surgery: Past and Present


Gather in Seattle to renew friendships and enjoy the company of colleagues.

Social Activities

ACVS Foundation Legacy Reception
7:30–9:00pm, Thursday Redwood Room, Sheraton, 2nd Floor

An invitation-only event for Emeritus Diplomates and their guests.

Legacy Tour
12:00–4:15pm, Friday
11:30am, gather in Sheraton, Main Lobby. Lunch is provided.
Registration is required, $35 fee. See ACVS Registration Desk for availability.
Emeritus Diplomates and their guests will begin the afternoon with a tour of Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room, followed by lunch at the Serious Pie Restaurant known for its “over the top delicious pizza.” The afternoon concludes with a boat cruise with views of the harbor, Seattle’s skyline, and, hopefully, a few orcas. Pre-registration is required and space is limited. The tour fee is $35 (Lunch not included). Transportation will be provided.

Celebration of Surgical Success Reception
6:30–8:30pm, Friday, Ballroom 6E

Select ACVS Surgery Summit Events

Mark W. Allam Lecture & Awards Ceremony: 8:00-9:30am, Thursday, Ballroom 6E, Level 6
ACVS Diplomates’ Annual Business Meeting: 12:00-1:30pm, Thursday, Ballroom 6E, Level 6
Scientific Poster Presentations & Reception: 6:00-7:30pm, Thursday, Exhibit Hall 4AB, Level 4
ACVS Emeritus Diplomates, if these activities are the perfect way for you to enjoy the Surgery Summit, register using the “Legacy Program” option.

ACVS Emeritus Diplomates who wish to attend lectures and earn Continuing Education credits should register using the “Emeritus Diplomate” option.

The Honor a Mentor Program is a wonderful way to personally acknowledge your mentor’s contribution to both your career and the College’s excellence. The ACVS Foundation is proud to offer this program as it both pays back our mentors while it pays forward the next group of mentors by funding education and research. Visit the Foundation Desk for more information.

Our current mentors include:

  • Dennis N. Aron, DVM, DACVS
  • Dale E. Bjorling, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • Jonathan N. Chambers, DVM, DACVS
  • Dennis Tim Crowe, DVM, DACVS, DACVECC, FCCM
  • William R. Daly, DVM, DACVS
  • Charles E. DeCamp, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • William D. DeHoff, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • Richard Doran, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • R. Tass Dueland, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • Erick L. Egger, DVM, DACVS
  • Gary W. Ellison, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • David J. Fowler, DVM, MVSc, DACVS
  • Elizabeth M. Hardie, DVM, PhD, DACVS
  • William B. Henry, Jr., DVM, DACVS
  • R. Bruce Hohn, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • William F. Jackson, DVM, DACVS
  • Robert P. Knowles, DVM, DACVS
  • Timothy M. Lenehan, DVM, DACVS
  • Daniel D. Lewis, DVM, DACVS
  • William V. Lumb, DVM, PhD, DSc, DACVS
  • Paul A. Manley, DVM, MSc, DACVS
  • Mark D. Markel, DVM, PhD, DACVS
  • Robert A. Martin, DVM, DACVS
  • Alan J. Nixon, BVSc, MS, DACVS
  • Ross H. Palmer, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • Donald L. Piermattei, DVM, PhD, DACVS
  • Curtis W. Probst, DVM, DACVS
  • Charles W. Raker, VMD, DACVS
  • Clarence A. Rawlings, DVM, PhD, DACVS
  • Dean W. Richardson, DVM, DACVS
  • Richard L. Rudy, DVM, DACVS
  • Fred P. Sattler, DVM, DACVS
  • Eric R. Schertel, DVM, PhD, DACVS
  • Steven C. Schrader, DVM
  • Charles W. Smith, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • James P. Toombs, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • Nathaniel A. White II, DVM, MS, DACVS